Custom clearance

Fast and good quality customs clearance is a prerequisite for successful business operations of every company.

Foreign companies engaged in the sale of their products in our market, pay special attention to the very important element of their chains of supply – the customs clearance of goods.

We provide our clients with customs representation services.

The process of representation in the customs procedure implies the preparation of the complete necessary customs documentation, advisory part in the field of international freight forwarding, the best insight into the tariffs.


  • Border registration of consignments,
  • Transfer of consignments to final customs offices (import and transit),
  • Mediation at border inspection services (psychopathology, veterinary, radiological, ecological, sanitary and market),
  • Customs clearance (import, export, temporary import, temporary export, re-export),
  • Creating accompanying documentation (CMR, EUR, etc.),
  • Store goods under customs control.

We have developed cooperation with warehouses, that meet the highest standard, 24-hour monitoring, and efficient loading and unloading capacity.

We also have good cooperation with warehouses at all Customs Offices. You can keep the goods in these warehouses under favorable conditions, which gives you the ability to customsize the goods partially, as it is convenient for you at a given time.

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