Road transport

Europe and beyond

Our services in the field of international road transport imply the possibility of partial and full loading for all destinations in Europe and beyond, under the most competitive conditions.

Our business is based on direct and open communication, as a basis for understanding the needs of our clients and we strive to find the most efficient and reliable solution to the speed of delivery and transportation costs, with the aim of establishing long-term cooperation for mutual satisfaction.

We cover Europe all the way for full truck loads as well as for delimited, so-called commodity shipment. For each of your transport requests we always have more solutions to help you make your decision.

We are available for customs clearance of goods in import or export, truck transport of dangerous goods or goods requiring special temperature regimes, or outside of the specialty transports that require special types of vehicle and escort. The developed network of partnerships with a large number of carriers enables us to have available a large number of vehicles, all types and uses.


In addition to the transportation we also offer you all the accompanying services:

  • preparation of necessary documentation,
  • freight forwarding,
  • customs brokerage,
  • warehousing if needed, as well as
  • tracking of consignments throughout the route and
  • timely provision of information on the consignment status.

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